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Current Version Update 04/14/2006
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The objective of the game is to eat and evolve, while diving deeper into the unknown. The deeper you dive, the darker it gets and the more dangerous the enemies. You have to eat smaller creatures to grow bigger and better. Eventually you will get fins that will make you go faster when you accelerate. To eat big creatures, you have to eat their "life dots" to break them up into smaller creatures you can eat. Be careful, or your life dots could get eaten by the big creatures. If this happens, you will be forced up a level.

  • If a creature glows orange, it is trying to attack you.
  • If a creature glows dark blue, it is panicking and running away from you.


  • Your creature follows your mouse cursor.
  • Hold left mouse button to accelerate.
  • Eat the red creature to dive deeper.
  • Eat the blue creature to go shallower.


Jenova Chen

  • Producing
  • Game Design
  • Engineering
  • Visual Art

One of the first generation video game design graduates from USC School of Cinematic Arts, creator behind multi-award winning student game Cloud and flOw, co-founder of thatgamecompany, Jenova Chen is dedicated to expanding the emotional spectrum of video games and making them available for a much wider audience.

Jenova Chen's Bio

Nicholas Clark

  • Game Design
  • Engineering

Nick Clark is an aspiring game programmer and designer earning his Bacherlor's degree in Computer Science at USC. This summer he will be programming for an indie game team and is looking for an engineering internship in the industry.

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Austin Wintory

  • Sound Design
  • Music Composing

Austin Wintory is an experienced composer for film, games and concert halls alike. All around his credits include some 50 projects ranging from short and feature films, television programs, computer games, video/concept art, commercials, trailers and corporate videos.

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