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Alien Adoption Agency
An online text-based RPG where you train an alien. My alien's name is Marf (Game ID: 96151).
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
Need to know information about an IP address? This is the place to find it.
Ayrshire Blog
A blog based in Ayrshire Scotland. We often comment on each other's blogs. He is an atheist that has similar views as I do.


Binary - it's Digitalicious
A text-to-binary or binary-to-text converter.


Childrin R Skary
Children are scary, aren't they?
Skary Movies
A few really good flash videos.


Despair Inc.
Home of the Demotivators.
Demotivational Posters
Do you remember those motivational posters? They'd show a motivational scene accompanied by an inspirational quote. Well, these are how things really are.
Doodle Page
A blog where artists can submit their work. There's some good talent on this site.
Dungeon Crawl Inc.
A web comic about a group of adventurers in a D&D world. Running storyline, so it's best to start reading from the beginning.


Escape Hatch
Another one of those blogs where you get to unscrew the top of the author's head and see what's going on inside. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. Your call. I certainly like it.


A web feed syndication service, allowing the owners of web feeds to track the usage of their feeds and to advertise their feeds to a wider audience. The web feed used by this site is through FeedBurner.
Flow in Games
The game flOw is an implementation of a thesis written by Jenova Chen. The game is simple, yet addictive.


Giant in the Playground
A D&D related site.
Order of the Stick
One of the best D&D web comics out there. I recommend you start reading it from the beginning, as it has a running storyline.
God is Imaginary
Defines the true nature of God. If you believe in God, and are open to logic, perhaps this will change your mind. If you already are an Atheist, this will confirm your beliefs.
My favorite company and search engine. Below are some of the free services offered by Google.
Free email service by Google, nearly 3 GB of inbox storage space.
Google Bookmarks
If you're like me, and want to access your bookmarks on different computers, this is useful.
Google Docs & Spreadsheets
If you have multiple people editing and/or viewing the same document or spreadsheet, this is a must.
Google Groups
Groups made by Google users are much like message boards. There are also official Google groups to discuss most of the services Google offers. Also access to all of the non-binary Usenet groups.
Google Maps
Maps and detailed satellite imagery of most of the planet.
Google News
Search the news with Google.
Google Reader
This is a web feed aggregator. It is completely web-based, so there is nothing to install and you can access it anywhere you have an Internet connection.
Google Translater
I've used this more than a few times to read something not in English. It's by far not perfect, but you can usually understand the translation.
Google Video
What Google had before they bought YouTube.


Home on the Strange
A web comic about a bunch of nerds. Has a running storyline, so you'd get the most out of it if you start from the beginning. It has ended, so there are no new ones being made.


The endless rantings of Foamy the squirrel.
InterfaceLIFT Wallpaper
Free high resolution wallpaper downloads, sizes up to 2560x1600.
Itsy Bitsy Sea Dragons
Tank mates for your sea-monkeys. Don't have sea-monkeys? That's ok! They sell Itsy Bitsy Sea Dragons (their version of a sea-monkey) as well as snails to keep the algae under control, and other little tank mates. They'll all live together in harmony.
Itsy Bitsy Sea Dragons Store
The online store to buy Itsy Bitsy Sea Dragons and/or their mates. This Australian company will ship anywhere in the world.



Random videos and pictures, many are NSFW, so be warned.
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